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What is corporate housing?

Corporate housing refers to all types of rentals that accommodate people during work-related relocations, both international and national.


Who holds the lease in corporate housing?

There are two lease-taking schemes, depending on the HR and tax policies of each company:


  1. The company, as a legal entity. In this case, the monthly rent payment is made by the accounting department of the company in question.
  2. The expatriate, who usually receives a housing allowance. The lease is generally linked to the duration of their employment.


What are the typical characteristics of these tenants?

  • Both furnished and unfurnished rentals are in demand, with a higher proportion for furnished properties.
  • Rental durations average 18-24 months for furnished and 3-4 years for unfurnished properties.
  • Needs vary depending on the tenant's profile, from a 40 sqm one-bedroom apartment to a Haussmannian apartment with five bedrooms.

What are the preferred locations for corporate housing?

Intensity of "corporate" demand

  • high to very high

  • moderate

  • low

What are the advantages of renting under this formula?




on income

Leases governed
by civil code


Good property

of mind

An analysis of multiple tenant types shows that these profiles offer an optimal net balance between rent level, lease duration, and risk level.

What are the requirements of these tenants?

  • A sober, quality interior. While not necessarily high-end, functional furniture is needed.
  • The quality of kitchens, bathrooms, and shower rooms is often a deciding factor.
  • For families: Proximity to international schools is often decisive, or the availability of school transportation to these schools. The 16th arrondissement, Plaine Monceau, the 15th, the 7th, and Neuilly are particularly appreciated locations.
  • "Market rent +": Companies often have reasonable or even comfortable budgets to provide beautiful apartments for their employees when they come to Paris. However, since the market is transparent and full of comparison points, they are not willing to overpay, except in rare cases.

What is Paris Corporate Housing's track record with this clientele?


corporate rentals


rentals per year


assets under management

  • Since 2011, Paris Corporate Housing is the only specialist in corporate rentals.
  • The company has an excellent reputation among this clientele.
  • Clear and digitized processes, appreciated by both corporate partners and landlords.

Who are the landlord owners who rent to companies?

All profiles seeking to minimize payment risk while looking for a good rent level:

  • Private investors who value the absence of risk and peace of mind.
  • Private individuals entrusting their primary residence to Paris Corporate Housing following a move or departure from Paris/abroad, valuing the proper maintenance of assets.
  • Institutional landlords, real estate companies, insurance companies, family offices, looking for guaranteed returns.