The choice of a real estate agency is a determining factor in the success of a rental, whether it is the search for a tenant, which must allow you to maximize your income, i.e. to rent at the best price with the minimum of rental vacancy, while guaranteeing that everything goes well operationally as well at the entry of the tenant, as during the duration of the rental as at the exit of the tenant.

Here's why we believe we are the most qualified to rent and/or manage your high-end property:



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10 years of experience in high-end real estate



In 10 years, we have created the reference agency for long-term rental of high-end properties in Paris for corporate clients.That's 10 years of experience and focus on the most beautiful rental properties, for the most beautiful rental demand.
From renovated 2-room apartments to private mansions, we serve all high-end demands.

Over the years, we have built up a database that is constantly enriched, enabling us to estimate the rental value of high-end properties as accurately as possible. This approach allows us to advise investors as soon as they buy, guaranteeing the financial success of their project.

We have also patiently developed an internal computer tool that allows us to digitalize all the processes in order to make each step of the rental process more reliable and faster.

Here are a few figures to back this up:

  • We carry out between 300 and 400 annual rentals, for an average rent (all formats included) of around 3,000€.
  • This represents more than 12 M€ of annual rent placed, corresponding to 360 M€ of assets.
  • We have more than 400 rentals in the 16th arrondissement alone, 200 in Plaine-Monceau and 150 in the 7th arrondissement.

10 years of experience

• 12 M€ of annual placed rent

360 M€ of leased assets per year

300 M€ under management

300-400 rentals per year

3000 € average rental



Leasing to the best tenants


Major companies, international institutions, Brexiters, investment funds, scale-ups... these are our first partners and the best tenants in Paris.
These tenants are not lacking and offer several years of stay.

10 years of experience within the corporate ecosystem have allowed us to build an unparalleled network of relationships with HR and mobility departments of large companies as well as with relocation agencies that manage expatriate mobility. Our dominant market share with Brexiters is an illustration of this.

These partners are demanding, both in terms of the quality of the properties and their proper management.
They are aware of the care we take with each of our rentals and contact us first to ensure that their project is carried out in the best possible conditions.
We are the first agency to have recruited a luxury hotel housekeeper to control the quality of the apartments.

The search for these tenants mobilizes significant marketing firepower. In a few hours we can produce professional quality photos, a virtual visit or a video of your property, published on our YouTube channel with 1.5M views.
In addition to our website, our ads are published and promoted on major portals with over 8M unique visitors per month. Last year, we were able to generate nearly 13,000 emails and to carry out nearly 3,000 visits, all carried out internally by our own teams, who are intimately familiar with the properties we offer.


Attracting the services of an exceptional team to defend your best interests


Our team is our main source of pride: former lawyers, former strategy consultants, former luxury hotel managers, graduates of the best business schools, experienced managers and IT developers.
Multidisciplinary, demanding and attentive to your needs: everything is done to offer the best experience at each stage of the rental process.

Our sales teams are organized by district, which maximizes their expertise and micro-local relevance. They interact daily with the managers, allowing each to have a complete view of the property situation. We consider each property entrusted to us as an asset to be developed in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time.

Our accumulated legal experience enables us to provide you with the best possible support on the specificities of the civil code lease.
Our demanding culture and our digitalized processes allow us to perform faster and with more rigor than the rest of the market.


Access to regulatory, tax and operational expertise


Regulations, nature of the lease, risk of compensation: signing an ALUR lease or a civil code lease is not a trivial act. We will be able to advise you and make you benefit from our expertise.

The taxation of furnished rentals is particularly interesting: LMP or LMNP regime, BIC, micro-BIC, depreciation of assets, deductibility of certain expenses, impact on non tax residents, possible arrangements (SCI, SARL de famille etc.). All this requires advice. As investors ourselves, we can provide you with solid legal support.

Our accumulated experience also allows us to quickly guide you towards the most judicious choices regarding equipment, furniture and interior decoration. So many factors that can weigh favorably on the rent in case of good execution, or unfavorably in case of missteps.

We complete this expertise with a range of contacts selected on the shutter over time: notaries, tax specialists, interior architects, craftsmen, handyman, etc.

To have a high quality rental management


Far from the current trend of low-cost, non-interventionist players, we manage the properties entrusted to us as if they were our own. Some of the properties are in fact our own.

We know that managing a property with care takes a lot of time and requires a succession of critical decisions, which can be confusing because of their technicality or their suddenness, and administrative follow-ups that are real marathons.

In short, we are talking about a profession that requires a high level of know-how: to practice it with serenity, you must abide by the "10,000 hours of cumulative practice" rule. For this reason, we have recruited rental managers with over 15 years of experience.

In order to maintain "manageable" portfolios, we have defined perimeters covered by each manager that are more than 2 times lower than market standards. This allows for reactive management in the event of an urgent problem (water damage) and rigorous follow-up with insurance companies and stakeholders.

All actions are recorded and monitored in our CRM, the process being digitalized, which ensures perfect continuity of service and continuous and transparent information.