Large companies pay the rent

- Multinational companies (CAC 40, Fortune 500) represent over 80% of the lease contracts we sign
- AAA tenants: no unpaid rents

Large companies select long-term leases, aligned with regulations

- Unfurnished or furnished rentals
- Unfurnished rentals : 3 years, renewable
- Furnished rentals: 1 year renewable

Large companies offer peace of mind

- Contract terms are carefully reviewed
- Apartments are carefully maintained
- All topics are managed following HR / Mobility management processes


Rent quickly: a core value for us

Each apartment for rent is treated as a special project, with our entire focus on renting it quickly and effectively.

Internally, we set agressive targets because we know that speed is the most important criteria for landlords, and we tie our team members' salary to that criteria.

Unique network of corporate clients with sustained rental needs

Over the years, we have developed a unique network of corporate clients with sustained rental needs, and ongoing trusted relationships.
Because we conduct a strict selection of apartments before offering them to our corporate clients, we have become a preferred supplier for many of them.
They can rely on us for high-end properties.

4 to 6 weeks' anticipation to replace tenants

We are committed to maximize our landlords' rental income.
As soon as we are informed that a tenant is about to leave (at least one month in advance), we start looking for a new tenant. We have put in place all the relevant alerts in our IT system to best anticipate the search for new tenants in advance. We also use a didactical approach (on top of a contractual clause) to deal with existing tenants when it is time to make way for visits.

Unmatched expertise in corporate housing

Corporate housing requires dealing and partnering continuously with a network of stakeholders: HR, Accounting, legal department, end-user, relocation agencies.

Each counterpart has its own expectations, requiring a professional tailor-made response from the real estate agent. The network needs to be animated with tailored marketing & communication.

Specializing in high-end properties

“Only the top quartile” is our motto. Location, interior design and furniture are carefully reviewed.

We know how valuable Parisian assets are. We are managing theses assets with great care and caution. We put ourselves in the landlords’ shoes. When dealing with high-end assets, tax issues are never very far. We provide educated guidance on this topic.

Proactive and dynamic

Trusted advisor: we anchor long-term relationships with like-minded landlords, based on our diligence and advisory service.
Tax advisory, interior design guidance, rental strategy: we will be proactive in helping you.
Our team is a small but quickly growing team of educated and trustworthy people.

Every property receives customized attention

A dedicated portfolio manager is in charge of your apartment.

We strongly believe that having a single point of contact is the best service we can offer to our landlords. Our portfolio managers are in charge of both the rental process and the on-going property management. This ensures that they are aware of all the small details related to a property.
We also leverage a CRM system to track all actions related to a property, which is particularly useful to provide a seamless service when property managers are out of office.

Admin management and ongoing reporting

Our property management service covers both the classical administrative tasks but more importantly the operational tasks, on the ground.

- On the financial side: we bill for the rents, ensure they are paid, pay bills related to the property when needed, pay the rent to you and prepare a yearly document for your tax filing.
- On the operational side: we take care of the entry and exit inspections, manage all questions from the tenant, organize the cleaning between tenants, and deal with all potential issues for which landlords are responsible, from dealing with water damage to having a refrigerator repaired.

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Quick intervention on maintenance issues such as water leaks

Maintenance issues require prompt actions.

This is true for every situation, but particularly critical in regards to water leaks, which are quite frequent in Paris. Everything must be done to stop the leak as soon as possible to limit the potential damages. We make sure a plumber can come quickly, when we are on site we take pictures so that you can have a full understanding of the problem, and we keep you informed step by step until the problem is solved.